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Call-way and By-me, functionality and aesthetics

For over 400 years, the Fatebenefratelli Hospital Order caters for the more vulnerable and needy, offering accommodation, health programs, care and support for people in need.

The “Beata Vergine della Consolata” Rehabilitation Centre, in San Maurizio Canavese in the province of Turin is a perfect example: a facility which, since 1940, has belonged to the Lombardy-Veneto Province of the Fatebenefratelli Hospital Order, and which until 1999 cared for those afflicted with psychological disorders; has in recent years turned its attention to multi-specialisation rehabilitative activities and has quickly won recognition as a centre of excellence.
The hospital is surrounded by a large park and it offers 200 subsidised beds: 190 inpatient and 10 day hospital. In the context of physical and psychological therapy, numerous services are offered by the facility, headed by the Director General Massimo Villa, and principles such as hospitality, respect for the individual, rehabilitation optimism, hope, professionalism and competence form the premise on which the team bases all of its work.

Recently, many of the wards of the Hospital were subject to thorough restoration with the aim of providing the patient with the freshest and most detailed environment possible, pleasant and functional, able to welcome the sick and make them feel at home. Inside the building, the spacious rooms and large windows – from which secular trees can be admired – combine with quality furnishings and the vibrant colours chosen for the walls to distinguish the different departments and brighten up the environments.

The same functionality and attention to detail called for the selection of Vimar for the electrical system: efficiency, ease of use, flexibility and aesthetics to the service people in need.

Two intelligent systems are installed in the facility, Call-way and By-me, coordinated in the unique design of the Plana series installed in a variety of plaque colours: the total look of white, orange, cedar, amber, Reflex sapphire and Reflex aqua.

Call-way is the system by Vimar dedicated to the health sector, designed to keep everything under control and handle all calls: from assistance requests – which can also be assigned different levels of priority – to the reporting of the origin of the same request, from the immediate response of medical personnel indicating their presence in the room to the two-way voice communication.
The heart of the system is the display module, which displays all of the events that are occurring, and the coupled communication terminal to respond to calls locally or make any emergency calls. Call-way facilitates the work of doctors and ensures constant attention on the patient.

Special tail call leads have been installed on the bed heads while special cord-operated buttons are present in every bathroom. In addition, the phonic unit allows communication with the medical staff in order to obtain immediate assistance even from a distance or dialogue with healthcare staff without having to get out of bed. The services provided by Call-way for internal staff improve and optimise response times and include, for example, the ability to act quickly in response to patient calls, cancel requests for assistance once resolved, monitor current events, report emergencies, and so on. Finally, thanks to the online operating mode, Call-way is connected to the computer in the doctors' room and can therefore centralise all the information displayed on the individual displays (modules and terminals) in order to monitor the entire system, store events, manage call priorities and voice communication between rooms, departments and to external devices (phones, pagers, etc.).
To improve also means to innovate: the Vimar By-me home automation system automates several tasks for the medical staff and facilitates small daily actions of the patient. With By-me, in fact, the simple press of the on/off button turns off all the lights in the common spaces; simply pushing the appropriate button placed in the doctors' room activates either a part of the lighting in the hallways during the night or lights up every room in the morning; raising and lowering the shutters is much simpler with By-me, thanks to the command with directional arrows that each room has installed next to the windows.

When functionality merges with aesthetics, the result is a pleasant and welcoming environment that provides comforting hospitality. And when personal care is part of a broader life mission, health care facilities become much more than just a place to stay: for some it is home, for others a community where you can find support and comfort, for others still its a second family.


System installation: Impianti elettrici di Caputo Raffaele
Care system: Call-way:
Home automation system: By-me
Series: Plana

Sanita ospedale fatebenefratelli san maurizio canavese by me prese
Sanita ospedale fatebenefratelli san maurizio canavese by me corridoio
Sanita ospedale fatebenefratelli san maurizio canavese by me placche muro
Sanita ospedale fatebenefratelli san maurizio canavese by me particolare call way
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Sanita ospedale fatebenefratelli san maurizio canavese by me prese
Sanita ospedale fatebenefratelli san maurizio canavese by me call way
Sanita ospedale fatebenefratelli san maurizio canavese by me porta

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