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Ferretti e Vimar

Cutting-edge technology, maximum attention to detail, passion for the sea: these are the winning elements of the same ambition always pursued by Ferretti, to offer exclusive boats which are at the same time on a human scale. This ambition of Ferretti Yachts was born in 1968 and in four decades it has conquered the world. It is symbolic of 'Made in Italy' and that is precisely why they chose Vimar as partners, to ensure maximum functionality without sacrificing aesthetics for all its valuable jewels of the sea.

Contrary to what you might think, yachts have a very detailed and complex electrical system: hundreds of predominately low voltage electrical functions are squeezed into a few square meters, which combine to ensure well-being and comfort in all the rooms. The required attention to detail is greater, therefore, to obtain a system that works perfectly even in reduced spaces and in non-residential structures. As with the Vimar philosophy for homes, even the Ferretti boats have to be lived and be liveable, a comfortable place designed to invite guests and at the same time operate in tune with the sea.

Safety, reliability, research, design and a wide range of solutions: these are the keys to the success of Vimar at sea. The Idea series offers the strong lines of the Classica plaque or the rounded shapes of the Rondo model, with buttons and controls either in charcoal grey or white. Idea is available in fifty different colours and quality materials for the plaques: solid wood, metal, bright polymer and silk.

With its compact size – 16 meters long and almost 5 meters wide – the Ferretti 510 achieves three revolutionary innovations: a full beam master stateroom with chaise longue and two large open view windows that make it a real suite at the level of sea,​immersed in a bath of light and tones and the natural essence of gold teak. Next, by moving the kitchen from amidships to the stern, a unique open space was created for the living room, kitchen/bar and dining area and a cockpit with uninterrupted views thanks to the tilted window. Finally, the sky lounge without a roll bar but with a spoiler produces a sporting profile which still retains its formal elegance.

Yacht ferretti idea tramonto
Yacht ferretti idea camera da letto
Yacht ferretti idea ponte di comando
Yacht ferretti idea bagno
Yacht ferretti idea particolare
Yacht ferretti idea zona relax
Yacht ferretti idea panoramica
Yacht ferretti idea zona giorno
Yacht ferretti idea panoramica
Yacht ferretti idea zona giorno
Yacht ferretti idea laterale

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