Ferretti Yachts 750

Ferretti Yachts 750 represents a new milestone in the evolution of the Ferretti Yachts brand in the over 70-feet sector. 22.75 metres overall length and maximum width 5.70 metres, the 750 is based on the popular Ferretti Yachts 720 while sporting a number of innovations both inside and out. The result of the partnership between Studio Zuccon International Project, AYT&D – Advanced Yacht Technology & Design and the Group's team of engineers, architects and designers, Ferretti Yachts 750 is remarkable for its sleek, sporty external lines, enhanced by the installation of a new, extended flybridge.

On board the ship, Vimar's Eikon Next series controls and cover plates are fitted in all the rooms. Satin-finished silver buttons, controls and frames throughout. Sophisticated lighting points underlining a subtle hint of technology. A combination that fits perfectly into these settings, whilst also complementing the natural materials used, for the wooden floors and furnishings. An aesthetic choice that is fully in line with a cutting-edge ship like the Ferretti Yachts 750.

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