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Vimar sails the seas with Costa Diadema

Commissioned on 30 October, Costa Diadema, the "Queen of the Mediterranean", is the new flagship of the Costa Crociere fleet.

This beautiful new 132,500 t. ship has been designed to impress in every detail.

Built by Fincantieri in Marghera, at a cost of € 550 million for the Italian company, the creator of the interior concept is the architect Joseph Farcus.

The exclusive settings on board offer the best of Italy, from gastronomy to hospitality and fun: once again Costa Crociere demonstrates the attention that for 66 years the company has paid to innovation, quality and the satisfaction of its guests.

In such a context, where Italian excellence is at its best, there had to be Vimar, which has made technological innovation and attention to the needs of consumers its forte for almost 70 years.

In fact, the Idea and Plana series, both typical of the style and elegance for which Vimar design is renowned in the world, have been installed on board Costa Diadema.

The Idea series, chosen in the Rondò version, gives an extra touch of elegance to the cabins and suites of the ship. At the same time, the luminous simplicity of Plana’s white technopolymer, its minimalist design, modern materials and night backlighting of the elegant laser engraved symbols make it the ideal companion for a voyage under the banner of comfort and well-being. Plana offers passengers many functions: lighting controls fitted on the beds, emergency lamps with high-efficiency LED lights, universal sockets, TV and data transmission sockets

The two Vimar series feature different lines, with buttons of different sizes, but all featuring quiet mechanisms that operate the various commands and control the various functions.

Vimar devices also help to increase safety and make the stay on board even more pleasant. All the sockets, for example, are equipped with Sicury protection shutters which, preventing accidental contact with live parts, make children safer and parents a bit more serene.

With this prestigious installation, Vimar confirms its position as a leader in installations on ships and yachts.

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