Flush mounting USB socket outlets

For charging and powering portable devices

To offer solutions that make everyday life increasingly simple, and in keeping with latest-generation technologies, Vimar is launching its USB type C socket outlets in various variants and modular designs, compatible with devices from all the major manufacturers. 

Compact, technologically performing and featuring styling that matches all the finishes in the Eikon, Arké and Plana series, these socket outlets are also available teamed with the type A output in a single, high-performing compact 1-module version.

The ideal solution for any international project: hotels, residential, or even commercial buildings. The advantage of the Vimar modular product also grants you rapid upgrades as technology evolves, allowing your system to keep up with all developments, all the time. 

Range types

The new 1-module version with type A+C combines two types of output in a single device, for a total power of 2.4 A (divided over the two outputs).

This novelty is supplemented with the new type A+C or C+C socket outlets on two modules, with two output types for a total power of 3 A, where the type C outputs allow fast charging up to 3 A 5 V. The range is completed by type A or C socket outlets on a single module, designed to deliver a total power of 1.5 A.

At the same time, the range of British Standard socket outlets is also extended, and these are now available in multiple variants with integrated USB. 

Vimar prese USB A e C

Specifically, the range has been supplemented by versions with 1 type A 2.4A USB output; one version with type A+C double 3 A output and one version with multistandard socket outlet with 1 type A 2.4  USB output.


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