From the glass disc to the residential series

From the glass disc

Italy was busy in reconstruction and electrical installations started to evolve as well. Switches and sockets were manufactured in the new factory
they featured a glass disc, ground on the edge, covering the appliances.

To porcelain

Soon elements began to be made in porcelain, that permitted improving their functional and safety characteristics.  The company seized on the potential of the markets and grew to reach, in the early sixties, three hundred units.  Substantial investments were made in opening new departments, such as the turnery and the machining workshop and the first self-produced automations appeared.

Until the first residential series

The first residential series were designed and made.  With the development of thermoplastic materials, alongside the traditional lines of moulding others were created, suited for the technopolymers that the chemical industry gradually perfected, offering new possibilities and innovations in the construction criteria of the product.