German standard portable multiple socket outlets

Quality and safety

With Vimar’s portable multiple socket outlets, reliability and efficiency are guaranteed, at home and at work. The range features a restyled design, with simple, rounded silhouettes, available in versions with 3 and 4 German standard 16 A socket outlets, with SICURY protective shutter, which prevents accidental contact with live parts. In white finish, they are complete with blue light backlit 1-way switch designed to enable/disable the connected loads in just a moment. They are supplied with a 3 and 5 metre cable with German/French standard heat-welded plug and are ideal in both simple DIY in residential settings as well as for professional use in work environments such as offices or laboratories, where reliable and efficient quality solutions are essential.

Presa Mobile Multipla Ciabatta Vimar

Portable multiple socket outlets fully meet safety standards and are reliable and hard-wearing, designed to stand the test of time. Their versatility, quality and careful design provide their users with the reliability of a functional, innovative and high-performance product: Vimar’s positive energy thus also becomes guaranteed safety.

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