Hotel Sheraton

Overlooking the sea and just a few minutes from Beirut international airport, this newly built complex of the prestigious Sheraton hotel chain has chosen Vimar as its partner. 500 small bungalows, 24 chalets, 99 suites and 3000 Idea switching points.
Hotel hospitality of the highest calibre, seafront restaurants and bars, conference facilities able to accommodate up to a thousand people. International standards in a richly historic setting.
Grey equipments and Classica cover plates in polished gold colour: this is how Idea sets off the interiors of this prestigious hotel, offering the best in functionality. In every room: TV-RD-SAT sockets for satellite channel reception and controlling interactive TV, telephone and data network and multistandard socket outlets.

Hotel sheraton beirut idea esterno
Hotel sheraton beirut idea bagno
Hotel sheraton beirut idea divano
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