How can I configure a By-me system group?

The configuration is done in the Configuration menu of the By-me control unit (see instructions), once the BUS is properly connected to the control unit and devices, and powered. At that point it is recommended to reset the devices and the control unit according to the steps in the instructions. As a rocker button might be associated with the control of any relay/dimmer/shutter actuator connected on the BUS (even if it is located in a different part of the house), it is able to send different types of messages along the BUS, depending on the control function desired. To save time, once you have created a group, first configure at least one actuator (either relay, dimmer or shutter actuator) and all the buttons to be configured later in that group will automatically take on the operating parameters suitable for controlling the relay, excluding the dimmer or the shutter actuator - without later having to manually modify the operating parameters of all the buttons of that group.