The Portrait Of A Military Commander In Armour “returns” to Bassano, thanks also to Vimar


Vimar recently contributed to the purchase of “Portrait Of A Military Commander In Armour”, a masterpiece by Jacopo Bassano which has joined the permanent collections of the Civic Museum of Bassano. A sustainable example of synergy between art and business, to support the promotion of the local territory, enhancing, preserving and exporting its historical and cultural heritage all over the world.

In its unwavering conviction that the excellence and attractiveness of a territory largely depend on the liveliness of its socio-entrepreneurial fabric, Vimar is committed to society by activating all the channels at its disposal: from partnering up with schools and universities to design purpose-devised training schemes, to choosing to support and use local expertise, which can contribute to create and consolidate specialist know-how, fostering the establishment of distinctive knowledge hubs.

So the Portrait Of A Military Commander In Armour “returns” to Bassano, thanks also to Vimar and permanently joins the city’s collections: a masterpiece among the masterpieces that constitute the largest and most important collection in the world of works by Jacopo Da Ponte, called Jacopo Bassano. 

As of today, this marvellous painting can finally be admired in the spectacular halls of the New Civic Museum, alongside other paintings by Jacopo Bassano, as well as splendid works by Canova, Guariento, Tiepolo, Artemisia Gentileschi, Magnasco, Hayez and many other great masters which we can rediscover with new eyes, allowing their amazing beauty to win us over once more.

Supporting culture, while elevating the artistic heritage: an act of patronage which demonstrates the presence of Vimar at the side of the community, according to the concept of Positive Energy that drives business actions.

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