Innovation for a production process with a low environmental impact

From design planning to production, via industrialisation, we apply the best and the most innovative techniques and procedures to achieve a production process with a low environmental impact. When we device a new product, we introduce a new technology, we modify our production systems, we set ourselves the goal not just of achieving the desired result, but of doing so while taking the utmost care of the environment.

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MSD technology

The innovative process for finishing metal cover plates with MSD technology (Magnetron Sputtering Deposition) - derived from the automotive world - allows us to eradicate any type of harmful emissions. Ions of Argon, which are shot onto metal sheets in vacuum chambers, activate the release of nano-particles which are deposited on the cover plates, producing the desired finish. We were the first in Italy to use this in our industry.

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Goodbye solvents

Our painting process only uses water-based or UV-reticulating paints which afford an extremely low solvent emission into the atmosphere. To date, we generate less than half the limits permitted by law.

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We aim for ecodesign using numerical simulations to reduce the use of raw materials for prototypes and to develop more sustainable products and processes. By applying mathematical models, we can hypothesise the physical characteristics of a product or component, knowing in advance what its performance and behaviour will be before the first prototype is even physically made, reducing the use of raw materials and speeding up the decision-making process during the design phase. Simulating filling plastic into the mould allows us to size the thickness of the part correctly, thereby reducing its weight and consequently the use of plastic material; it also allows us to achieve faster moulding cycles with ensuing savings in electricity consumption during production.

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We give raw materials and products a new lease on life

We carefully monitor stocks to reduce the risk of obsolescence and recover or convert raw materials and products where possible. 

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