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In the knowledge that only by taking care of the environment can we continue to grow steadily and together over time, Vimar continues to uphold its environmental policy by adopting new cutting-edge 100% electric vehicles.

The new vehicle fleet will allow staff to move around the country quickly and quietly, with zero environmental impact, covering - entirely independently and with no CO2 emissions - distances up to 400 NEDC (New European Driving Cycle), or 300 kilometres in real terms.

Special charging posts have been installed at all 4 company premises to recharge the Z.E. 40 lithium ion batteries. These batteries house innovative technology capable of offering double the capacity of normal batteries; they do not require maintenance and can be recycled when they have reached the end of their useful life.

This new concept for sustainable mobility fits in perfectly with the existing schemes which have already placed Vimar at the forefront of environmental protection.

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On a manufacturing level we have: the progressive elimination of galvanic bath treatments for metal finishes, replaced by the innovative and more environmentally friendly MSD (Magnetron Sputtering Deposition) which, by applying the principles of physics and not chemistry, eliminates all toxic emissions; the use of water-based or UV reticulation paints (adopted years ago) to bring atmospheric VOC (Volatile Organic Components) emissions to under 50% of the limits imposed by the most stringent European norms; the use of fully recyclable packaging, some of which is itself made using recycled material and some printed with water-based ink containing no toxic substances, with only environmentally friendly adhesives used.

Plus, demonstrating how environmental sustainability is more than just a good idea, the 11,000 m2 of roofing on the company headquarters in Marostica is covered with a photovoltaic system with a guaranteed annual production of 710,000 kWh of power, avoiding atmospheric emissions of 350,000 kg of carbon dioxide, 8,700 kg of sulphur dioxide, 6,800 kg of nitrogen oxide and 312 kg of particulate matter.

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Separation, information, create a culture. These are the pivotal principles of the company’s long-standing policy of Environmental Design:  it is an articulated programme applied across the entire production cycle. Beginning with correct waste separation, it actually allows 60% of plastic waste material and the majority of metal waste material to be recycled; Research & Development are then informed of any difficulties encountered when separating the various components, to ensure that the product is designed at the outset with the intention of being totally dismantled and recycled at the end of its life. This is in addition to continuous departmental training activities aimed at creating a culture in which waste is separated at source and all suitable material reused.

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