Integration with the By-me Plus home automation system

System Integrators wishing to develop an integration with the By-me Plus home automation system to read statuses and send controls from their own client (touch screen, App, dashboard software, etc. etc.) will find all the necessary development tools and information in this section.

The integration supported is the one that envisages communication solely on the local network, via the IP Connector  protocol and via the proprietary semantics of the System Functions, with home automation system gateways 01410 and 01411 (direct integrations with the burglar alarm system and video door entry system gateways are therefore not available).

Use of the integration interface with the gateway is permitted by accessing the MyVIMAR portal, using corporate credentials, and the acceptance of the contract which governs the conditions of use of the information and development tools.
The System integrator will therefore have access to all the documentation relating to Vimar’s proprietary communication protocols and the tools/libraries/drivers which can be used to create their own client, and they may also upload public keys to transfer to the By-me home automation system gateway(s) they wish to use for integration with the client created.

In fact, for safety reasons, it is necessary for the client that needs to communicate with the By-me Plus home automation system to be identified by the By-me home automation system gateway via an asymmetric encryption mechanisms which envisages that the client encrypts the access credentials to the server via a private key, whereas the server checks the accuracy of the credentials and the identity of the client by using a public key (which should first be entered in the By-me home automation system Gateway).

The addition of a public key to a specific By-me home automation system gateway shall be carried out by the installer of the system on which you wish to enable integration with the client, using the Vimar VIEW Pro App.

The System Integrator can develop an integration from scratch, or use drivers which have already been developed by Vimar (for instance drivers for Crestron).


Integration procedure with the By-me Plus system40.98 K19/12/2023