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Whether you’re working on an apartment, a villa, a farmhouse, a loft, a large residential complex or a historic building, Vimar brings elegance and well-being to every living-space, in keeping with the identity of the individual setting, while underlining its style, enhancing the comfort and safety of its occupants, and managing the building smartly, simply and intuitively.

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Service industry

Office complexes, commercial developments, healthcare facilities, educational institutions and public buildings: within the vast and complex construction industry, every building has its own special needs, right from the earliest stages of its design. That’s why Vimar has developed a wide range of energy-efficient, comfort-enhancing solutions for every type of structure, that simplify their management and boost their performance.

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Every type of accommodation has its own specific needs in terms of design, construction, management and maintenance. Vimar solutions are designed to optimise and automate the functions of any facility, regardless of size, from large hotels to small B&Bs; with an emphasis on comfort, safety and energy efficiency at all times.

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Ships and yachts

For decades, Vimar has been equipping cruise ships, power yachts and sailing boats with the same inimitable style and technological performance it provides on dry land. With the aid of dedicated products and technologies designed and developed to meet the specific needs of marine outfitting, our solutions deliver efficiency and top-class performance even in humid, saline environments subject to severe vibration and constant temperature changes.

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