IP44 protected cover

Presa stagna IP44 ambientata

Linear and minimal design

Vimar has added to its line-up of Isoset surface mounting enclosures with the new IP44 protected cover, featuring a minimal and linear design, which protects the devices installed against dust and water sprays. It is compatible with the Eikon Exé, Linea, Arké, Idea and Plana series and with the majority of principal wiring series currently on the market.

The cover is distinguished by a flap with a central membrane co-moulded in a single piece. The flap opening of up to 107° is made easy by a slightly protruding pressure point located on the lower edge of the cover. The cover closing features a locking system to ensure the devices installed stay protected. To facilitate installation on all types of wall, it is equipped with fixing slots for maximum stability and safety while ensuring the perfect alignment between the cover and the cover plate it contains.


Presa stagna IP44 prospettiva

Protected against dust and water sprays

The IP44 cover is designed for installation in 3-module flush mounting boxes and is an especially safe product suitable for use in outdoor lighting devices outside the home, such as a landing doorbell or an outdoor socket outlet in specific settings such as gardens or terraces.

Isoset is Vimar’s range of a surface mounting enclosures and covers with a protection degree of IP44, IP55 and IP66, for ever-secure systems also in outdoor or service settings devised with painstaking care and styling to suit any style.


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