Isobox: the new range of flush mounting boxes

Irresistible on any wall, even the thinnest.

Isobox adds a new proposal to its Vimar range: an innovative product perfect for thin plasterboard walls. Undeformable and able to resist temperatures up to 850° C, thanks to the technopolymer it's made from, the new boxes offer extended modular options and structural characteristics that guarantee even better performance. Every phase of installation, from attaching a socket-surround to mounting home automation devices or sound systems, can be carried out with the utmost practicality and security.

A wider range of modularity options and thicknesses. Maximum versatility.
From ø 60 mm to 6/7 linear modules, but that's not all: the range for  hollow walls is enhanced by the addition of an 8-module box (4+4) plus a new multifunctional box for PBX systems, bypasses or mounting boxes of 12/14 modules, with knock-outs of 20, 25 and 32 mm. Each and every option guarantees maximum structural strength and can deal with a wider range of wall thicknesses when installing home automation devices on thin plasterboard walls. And if combined with the proprietary anti-mortar and flush-to-wall covers, the boxes can be installed before their appliance-contents are present, but without damaging the aesthetic appearance of the room.

New multifunctional accessory. Safe, easy and rapid installation on chalkboard walls.
A single element with many different uses. The innovative multifunctional accessory conceived for hollow wall boxes notably speeds up operative processes and reduces the probability of error: it can be used as a centring template for boring holes and for fixing boxes in series. Once the central element has been removed, it can also serve as a frame useful for mounting elements on the inside of plasterboard walls, providing an invisible support.

Numerous accessories with a single goal: simpler installation.
Vertical and horizontal separators facilitate the subdivision of electrical circuits and are adjustable and positionable in any point of the box thanks to the rack on the base. The anti-mortar covers can be adapted to fit different modular options. Special connecting joints make for easy series-mounting, both horizontally and vertically. Strap-sockets simplify fixing wires in position and facilitate orderly wiring operations. And the multifunctional accessory solves all the problems offered by lightweight partition walls.

Further information is available in the product catalogue viewable at this link.

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