Life is good with smart socket outlets!

From now on, you can manage the appliances and lamps throughout your home either remotely, using your smartphone or your voice thanks to the Amazon Alexa and Google smart speakers, or using Vimar’s flush mounting vocal control. By linking up to the new smart multiple socket outlet, you’ll be able to turn lights on and off, control various household devices, monitor their consumption levels and coordinate several functions together, according to momentary needs or your particular lifestyle, to make life even more enjoyable.

For instance, at the allocated time, you can activate your audio system and simultaneously turn on the coffee machine to wake up to that freshly-brewed coffee aroma and your favourite tunes, or you can simulate your presence at home by turning on the lights at a given time. You can also see to it that all the lights connected to smart socket outlets turn off together when you go to bed.

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All you need is Wi-Fi connection and managing your home gets so much easier. Thanks to the View Product App you can in fact control not just the new Wi-Fi cameras but also every single socket outlet as well as the 4 USB outputs of the smart multiple socket outlet. And when you’re out and about you’ll receive notifications if something has gone wrong and the smart device is offline due to a power outage or an Internet blackout.

And thanks to integration with Amazon Alexa and Google, activating or deactivating a device is even more practical: you can remain comfortably seated on your sofa and talk to the smart speakers to achieve the desired effect.

The smart multiple socket outlet is the ideal solution for the smart management of your electrical devices, both at home and at work. Made of high-strength technopolymer, for use in any condition, it features a Sicury safety shutter which prevents accidental contact with live parts. The elegant shapes, combined with the white finish, also make it perfect for use in any interior design setting.

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