Lift Interface, the IP interface for controlling lifts

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The world of professional video door entry systems by Vimar has evolved with Lift Interface, the IP interface for controlling lifts.

This device can be used to have control from an indoor station or from a switchboard to ensure ultimate comfort and convenience for users in residential settings or accommodation facilities.

Central control, for maximum service quality

The Lift Interface device, which is connected directly to a PoE switch, is equipped with a matrix of 16 individually controllable relays, which interface with the lift’s control unit in response to the user’s controls and actions, in order to manage it from a central position, such as a switchboard, a reception or a dedicated station. This makes it possible to enhance convenience and service quality: by calling the lift from an indoor station, the owner will find the lift already on their floor when they leave their apartment. Visitors can also be greeted, by pressing a control from the indoor station and sending the lift down to the ground floor. The interface enables exclusive use, required in certain contexts, to allow visitors to reach only those floors where access is granted or to allow the private entry of a resident on a specific floor using a badge or credentials on an access control device.

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Advantages for the installer

This is an update that entails several advantages for the installer too: above all it presents a large quantity of controllable outputs. Indeed, in an IP system up to 16 interfaces can be inserted to have up to a generous 256 relays available: this makes it possible to control several lifts, including with different operating logics in very large contexts, such as buildings, hotels or skyscrapers. PoE technology, for the power supply and data transmission, also entails advantages and optimised work during installation. What’s more, groups of devices can be defined, as well as configuration screens with clear and specific operating logics for optimum, user-friendly management.

Advantages for the end user

From the end user’s perspective too, this novelty simplifies and improves everyday life, making it safer and ensuring the utmost privacy respect: calling the lift from the indoor station, the possibility of creating restricted accesses and the management directly from the switchboard enhance safety and privacy levels. The IP interface is also extremely user-friendly, with a dedicated graphic section; actions and controls can be carried out (such as calling the lift or sending it to the desired floor to greet a visitor) even during a call. In the event of management from a switchboard too, a dedicated section of the graphic interface has been added to control the lift, with related status notifications to have complete monitoring of the situation.

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