Linea wins at the Iconic Awards 2022

Once again, Vimar took the stage in the iconic Awards this year

The Iconic Awards are the most prestigious of the awards organised by the German Design Council. It is a competition that honours all the most original and broad-ranging masterpieces in the construction sectors, in which disciplines such as architecture, design and technology intersect and collaborate.

Thanks to the new Linea series and Linea with XT platform, the company won awards in two categories: “Innovative Architecture” and “Innovative Material”.

The “Innovative Architecture” award recognises unique and elegant product design combined with the most advanced technology: Linea, the new series presented in October 2022 is one of a kind.

The slightly curved profile of the aligned control features linearity, simplicity and absolute flatness. When the axial control is operated, the patented in-line technology returns it to its position, ensuring perfect alignment at all times. It offers precise actuation and perfect alignment between the buttons and cover plate surface. It has backlighting with a small square, or with a vertical light beam that creates areas of soft brightness.


Linea piattaforma XT Iconic Award 2022 Vimar

With the XT platform, Linea won the “Innovative Material” award: an award that honours the pursuit of a continual balance between innovation and aesthetics. This is found in the flat design of the home automation system controls, which cover the entire surface, and can be operated over the whole area, as well as in the LED matrix icons, which are dynamic and feature scalable and expandable functionality. The XT platform makes the By-me Plus home automation system an increasingly simple and immersive experience.

Two prestigious product awards that combine Vimar's expertise with its continual pursuit of innovation.


Linea Iconic Award 2022 Vimar

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