Made in Italy

Good-looking and well made. These are the words that best describe our vision of Italian manufacturing, which - for us - means creativity, expertise, innovation, tradition, attention and the utmost dedication. It’s a “productive vision” involving the company’s entire value chain, aimed at offering customers a product and service that fully meets their expectations of style and quality.

Vimar logistico Marostica

A global approach

This global approach to the “Made in Italy” principle - which we could almost describe as a philosophy - is embodied in a highly vertical structure. Thanks to its firm control of the entire production chain, Vimar is able to manage all the processes and technologies that underpin the success of its products: from the design of shapes to the specification of materials, the release of raw materials into the design phase, engineering and moulding.

Vimar approccio globale

We celebrate evolving lifestyles

While it has always been a cradle of culture, know-how and good taste, Italy is also the home of established designers, some of whom have carved out the shapes of our products, thus celebrating the evolution of lifestyles.
Harmonious shapes, finely crafted details and uniquely refined finishes make our products fully fledged items of interior design and icons of a style that is recognised all over the world.

Vimar Tipo Di Placche

Form and technology

We believe that form and technology must go hand in hand, and that “Made in Italy” must mean more than beauty. That’s why our Research & Development – in which we invest over 6% of our annual revenues – speaks Italian. Over a hundred professionals work in unison on the development of a complete system architecture, designing entire product platforms that bear undisputed witnesses to our all-Italian design. Over the years, this work has generated over 150 patents worldwide.

Vimar forma e tecnologia

Our bond with our birthplace

The broader expression of our approach to excellence Made in Italy, however, lies in the fact that all our company departments and production units are located in close proximity to the medieval walls that surround Marostica. Our headquarters and warehouses, our cutting, turning and moulding departments, our mechanical and electronic assembly departments, and our painting and packaging units are all located a short distance from each other. This testifies to the company’s strong bond with its birthplace, for which it has launched a series of environmental protection policies. Because excellence Made in Italy also means care and attention for the environment and its inhabitants.

Vimar legame con il territorio

Automated processes

“Made in Italy”, however, does not mean “hand-craftsmanship”. To remain competitive in increasingly global markets, Vimar’s production processes are as automated as possible, to ensure reproducibility and repeatability. This industrial structure is an important resource that underpins the safety and quality of our products. Thanks to process automation, we produce over a billion top-quality components, all guaranteed by objective, automated dimensional and electrical checks to ensure full compliance with technical and safety standards.

Vimar processi automatizzati

Qualified human resources

Deep local roots have enabled Vimar to benefit from highly qualified human resources at all times, and over the years we have developed a corporate culture in which looking after the people who contribute to our success with their expertise and professionalism is a core value that cuts across the whole company. Continuous training, free health insurance, nursery subsidies and summer placements for employees’ children, various facilitations for pensioners and their families, and a pleasant and stimulating work environment are all proof that people are Vimar’s most precious asset.

Vimar risorse umane

Customer service

By applying the “Made in Italy” principle to the entire industrial cycle, we also achieve high performance in terms of customer service. Making our products in Italy means cutting order fulfilment times, delivering on schedule and thus reducing the inventory and stock costs of our customers’ warehouses, while at the same time facilitating good product turnover. As evidence of how efficiently our production and logistics operations are integrated, 97% of all items ordered are supplied on first delivery.

Vimar servizio al cliente

Support and training

“Made in Italy” also means providing customers with technical support and high-quality technical/sales training. Thanks to their close contact with the designers and production managers, personnel can acquire all the technical understanding they need, right from the source. This enables them to pass on all the necessary information effectively and resolve potential problems with the utmost professionalism.

Vimar assistenza e formazione

By your side for over 75 years

So Vimar is an all-Italian company that has been giving end-users the best in terms of quality, technology, style, design, environmental integrity and customer satisfaction for over 75 years.

Vimar Marostica