Masseria - Country Resort, Ostuni


In this country resort in Apulia, Vimar technology provides added value.

Masseria Grieco is a country resort of undisputed charm, its main building dating back to the 16th century. Here, every detail recounts the age-old history of the Itria valley, one of the most enchanting areas of the Apulian hinterland.

Surrounded by traditional dry-stone walls, skilfully built in local stone without the use of mortar, the structure is a unique blend of tradition, hospitality and technology.

Tradition, because everything here serves to remind you of the place’s roots: stroll around the grounds and you come across several trulli - traditional rural constructions with conical roofs typical to this area, renowned the world over and awarded Unesco world heritage status – plus a stone-built chapel with an altar bearing the place’s heraldic emblem.

Hospitality, because at the Masseria Grieco Country Resort every last detail is designed to allow guests to enjoy a stay in an authentic, welcoming environment steeped in the magical atmosphere of the Itria valley.

Technology, last but not least: the real added value. Not just any technology, but that of Vimar, chosen because it can be relied on to offer guests comfort and security while also delivering the utmost efficiency in space management and optimisation of energy usage.

The hotel is fully equipped with the Well-contact Plus hotel management system, which provides centralised control of all spaces. Developed on the international KNX standard, Well-contact Plus allows hotels to perform check-ins and check-outs with guests inside their rooms, to programme guest cards, view the status of the room (guest in room, do not disturb, room to be cleaned and so on), receive technical or emergency warnings that indicate possible electrical device failures and requests for intervention by guests: all from one PC in reception, acting as the operational control room. The same PC can also be used to view images from the various Elvox CCTV bullet cameras located at strategic points around the resort, which deliver the very best in terms of security.

Also at reception, thanks to the presence of a TAB 7S video entryphone in the IP technology version, staff can receive video calls from guests at the resort entrance and communicate with them. The fact that the main entrance is located at the end of a long drive stretching for several hundred metres calls for the use of reliable, secure, high-performance technology, in the shape of the Elvox video door entry system. The system here features two Pixel entrance panels with IP technology, connected to the internal unit, which enable secure communication with high-definition images between members of staff and guests at the entrance.

The real advantage offered by the technology on which these products are based, however, is that it also enables remote communication: using the Video Door app, a smartphone can actually manage all the functions of the video door entry system. That way, wherever members of staff may be, whether inside or outside the hotel, they can promptly answer video calls from arriving guests.

This advanced technology is paired with the most sophisticated design. Another example is the Arké series devices, here in the Round version featuring a sleek, subtly curved shape with soft corners. Set into the ancient stone walls, they allow flawless control of lighting and safe access to energy.  But also to the guest rooms: simply holding the card in front of the card reader outside the room opens the electric lock. Inside, once the card is inserted in the reader slot, the lights are activated, the temperature is set to the desired level and the presence of the guest is promptly signalled to reception. Ensuring that every stay offers the ultimate experience in terms of comfort.

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