Mayday 1945

It is Mayday 1945

We are at Marostica, Italy has just come out of the war and precisely on Mayday Vimar was founded. The scenario is that of a Country that has come out of a long war and has a great desire to rebuild.

The hat factory

In the early years of business the headquarters were an old property, previously a hat factory.  The idea, that was to prove successful, was to specialize in products for the residential use of electricity, based on elements obtained by moulding thermosetting resin.

Lamp holders and plugs

The lamp holder was the first, followed by plugs, wall sockets and iron plugs. Elementary products whose metal parts were partly purchased and partly obtained from sheets cut into strips with a simple manual rocker.

Pear switches

Before the fifties a product was launched that was to be extremely successful:  the pear switch, that for many years caused Vimar to be known goodheartedly as the "pear" factory.