Monastero di Cherasco

Vimar: the modern soul of a historic building

In the small town of Cherasco not far from the hills of Asti, in the land of truffles and excellent wines in the heart of a region rich in resources, the mark of history has left a legacy which is still very much alive. Here, where in 1796 the young Napoleon Bonaparte finally brought peace (six peace treaties were signed before then) and sanctioned – with the armistice of Cherasco – the advance of French forces in Italy; here where many artistic works blend with cultural references telling the tale of a glorious past, today is home to a most enchanting country atmosphere.

Next to the charming church of the Madonna del Popolo, with its brick façade and the rich artistic heritage preserved within its interior, is the Monastery of Cherasco. Founded by Somascan Fathers in the sixteenth century, the building seems to merge with the Church in front of it and, strolling through the manicured gardens adorned by a long sequence of arches, it is not difficult to return every so often to soak in this remote and intimate dimension which regenerates the soul.

In this setting full of charm and appeal, recent restoration work has gloriously restored the Monastery, which has abandoned its ancient religious vocation to become a refined and luxurious four-star hotel with a gourmet restaurant and a convention centre.

The Somascan Hotel offers all the convenience and luxury of a modern hotel.
Perfectly set within the ancient edifice, it exalts its original features by maintaining the style of the furnishings, giving new life to the frescoes depicting Christian themes, skilfully matching original floors or staircases with newer fabrications. The hotel has differing facilities for a varied and discerning clientele: mini SPA consists of a swimming pool, turkish bath and leisure area, free wi- fi, a hall for private dinners, baby sitters, a theatre stage for artistic performances, a private chapel for baptisms and other religious ceremonies, cooking classes and much more.

There are 19 rooms: private, comfortable and furnished with extreme care, offering beautiful views of the hills surrounding Cherasco and the entire Alpine range as far as Monvisio. Three beautiful suites offer the crème de la crème of hospitality and each bears the signature of an Italian designer.

In the careful restoration of the structure, Vimar plays the crucial role of ensuring that the Somascan Hotel is equipped with a top of the range electrical system that still manges to respect the identity of a building of great historical heritage. A functional system which caters to any need (lighting, temperature control, room access etc.); a reliable system always ready to provide prompt and safe responses; an efficient system which optimises the work of internal staff and ensures a high level of hospitality; an easy to use system so that guests immediately become comfortable with it.

Eikon series devices in black&white colour schemes – charcoal grey controls and candid white plaques – are inserted in highly differing environments: perfect in the Versace suite, which tastefully alternates with the timelessness of black and white; in stark contrast in the Cavalli suite, where alongside the orange side tables and the dark brown and gold walls, or near the baroque sofa, the Vimar products stand out in chromatic dissonance; in harmony with the more elaborate backgrounds of the Armani suite dominated by grey, red and black. In the rest of the rooms and in many communal areas the upholstery is simple and elegant, so the sleek Eikon Classic design seems like an obvious choice.

Golden coloured metal plaques instead frame the electrical devices inserted in the areas more unaltered parts of the old monastery, such as the hotel entrance and the private chapel.

Vimar thus confirms its commitment to the path that services history with innovation and contributes to the rebirth of a building with a long tradition. Beneath its charming antique guise, the modern soul of the Somascan Hotel has chosen Vimar as its partner for this new revival, ensuring the many visitors to this small but extraordinary town all the comfort and charm of a four star hotel.

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