Multimedia video touch screen

In a By-me automation system in which the web server is installed, the multimedia video touch screen enables complete control of lights, roller shutters, HVAC, speaker system, scenarios, event programs, load control, power consumption management (Energy Guard) and intrusion detection alarm system. The multimedia video touch screen can moreover also be used as a video door entry unit and it manages all the functions of the Due Fili (Two Wire) video door entry system (displays images from panel and from video cameras, voice communication with speech unit, audio door entry units and call buttons, opening electrical lock, etc.). The connection with the web server will enable not only supervising and controlling the entire home automation system (automation, intrusion detection alarm system and video door entry system) but also browsing certain websites (weather forecasts, news, RSS feed reader, web radio), displaying video or photographs, listening to music (mp3 files), writing notes and linking them to an acoustic alarm signal (date and time), creating graphic notes with real drawings thanks to the "blackboard" function.