Myconian Avaton Resort, Mykonos

Myconian Avaton Resort

A unique and surprisingly beautiful place, suspended between the sky, the land and the sea. Myconian Avaton Resort seems to grow miraculously from the bare rock on the renowned Elia Beach, coming to life not only through the work of man but also the energy of nature. In a magnificent landscape, where ancient myths and legends blend with modern life, creating a harmonious image where an endless mix of breathtaking views and colours meet the eye. Here, the blue skies are closer, and the stars shine brighter.

But Avaton is much more than just a unique location. It is a special place where strong impressions become profound emotions; where unpretentious luxury, exquisite style and absolute privacy are taken to a new dimension. Much more than a luxury resort, Avaton is a refuge of best-in-class accommodation, a paradise for a dream holiday.

Myconian avaton hotel and views

Myconian Avaton Resort

In this paradise, the job of ensuring top class management of the lighting - and other functions - was assigned to the Arké series. Chosen in the Classic version, with its rational geometry, linear profile and sharp corners, Arké divests itself of all decoration for its own sake, defining a new model of energy. Black technopolymer was chosen for the cover plates, contrasting with the white of the devices contained within.

Buttons and controls - featuring a pleasant two-way convex shape - accurately monitor and control the lighting and electricity in all the rooms, while ensuring functionality and comfort. A wide range of sockets – from shaver sockets in bathrooms to phone sockets – respond to all types of functional needs, providing guests with the best in comfort.

Myconian avaton room interior

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