Netsafe structured cabling

With Netsafe you can connect the entire facility in a network

Secure and fast connections are required to communicate, transfer and share data, images and videos of any size,  With the fibre optic and copper cabling system all the rooms in the facility are connected. The system consists of a very wide range of instruments: versatile, simple to install and high performance solutions allow a very wide range of action.


The optical fibre for a total connection

The system enables making structured cabling for copper networks in categories 5, 6 and 6A and fibre optics ensuring the greatest installation versatility. The different categories, all stable over time and featuring high performance, ensure connection and immediate dialogue with the utmost security.

The wide range of boxes and cabinets allows to meet every need, from small houses to large companies.

Netsafe: quadri e armadi da parete Vimar

FTTH - From the network to the building

The new range on residential structured cabling for FTTH (Fiber to the Home), allows the creation of fibre optic connections up to the single residential units, ensuring the maximum transmission speed.

The Optical Service Centre of the Building is the heart of the system, it manages all the fibres related to the optical services coming from the head terminal (the point where the signals of the upper part of the building converge) and from the fibres of the telephone operators for the ultra-broadband connection.

From the Optical Service Centre of the Building, fibre cables are routed to each home, ending in the Apartment Optical Termination Boxes.


From the building to the house

Inside the house the signal is transmitted and reaches the individual devices connected in each room thanks to the apartment signals distribution board.

It is the heart of connectivity and contains the active network distribution tools (such as routers, TLC network terminations, any media converters, network switches). It guarantees excellent performance and a perfect connection, without interference.


Copper cables for the data network

Declaration of performance (DoP).

The copper and fibre optic cables, of the Netsafe data system and of the entire Vimar offer, from 1 July 2017, comply with the CEI Unel 35016 standard which establishes, on the basis of the CENELEC and CEI installation standard prescriptions the fire reaction classes in relation to the CPR Construction Products Regulation (EU 305/2011).

Netsafe: Cavi in rame per la rete dati Vimar
Cablaggio strutturato residenziale FTTH Netsafe

Structured cabling in the tertiary sector

For offices, hotels, accommodation facilities, shops and businesses


The structured cabling that satisfies aesthetics and functionality

With Linea, Eikon, Arké and Plana civil series

Netsafe perfectly blends both technically and stylishly with a conventional electrical system, it allows highly versatile installation options (flush, surface, floor and underfloor mounting).

RJ45 socket connectors are available for Linea Eikon, Arké and Plana series mounting frames. Furthermore, the range of tilted adaptors allows to save space inside the boxes.

Sistema cablaggio strutturato Netsafe cavi fibra ottica e rame Vimar

For networking the entire facility.

Fast connection and data transmission

In the working environments, the transmission of information must be fast and above all safe: with the structured cabling all the sectors of the structure are on the network and can receive and transmit data of any shape and capacity.

Offices, shopping malls, companies: Netsafe is a solution that ensures great installation versatility and performance with a very wide range of action, thanks to the copper and optical fibre technologies.

Netsafe Access Point Wi-fi Vimar

Access point WI-FI

The network signal reaches everywhere

The new 2-module Wi-Fi access point extends WLAN coverage to all rooms, also covering areas that are not reached by Wi-Fi. Thanks to the front button or the standard remote button connected to the rear terminals, the signal can be deactivated at any time, when it is not needed or at night, to reduce radiation and consumption.

The ideal solution to extend your Internet connection throughout your home, even to areas that are not reached by the Wi-Fi signal or where the signal is weaker, providing coverage to all rooms. The new access point easily adapts to any living style, since its design matches that of the Eikon, Arké and Plana series.

Structured cabling system of buildings