New By-alarm burglar alarm system: increased safety

Vimar  sistema antintrusione By-alarm: la sicurezza si espande

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Protecting spaces from intrusion, in both residential and small-scale business contexts (in particular commercial premises or offices), is now even easier and more intuitive.

Stand-alone and expandable with a vast array of devices, the By-alarm system stands out due to its high performance levels and its connection with the user (via GSM or via IP) and surveillance bodies (via SIA and CONTACT-ID protocols), as well as its integrability with By-me home automation; thereby offering constant, wide-ranging and intelligent monitoring.

Its quality and professional standards - the product of constant investment in Research and Development - are guaranteed by CEI EN 50131 (grade 2) certification and the IMQ Safety System label, as well as its 100% Made in Italy production and its three-year warranty (a year longer than the legal requirement).

Vimar  By-alarm: flessibilità

Great installation flexibility

Vimar  By-alarm: Professionalità

Professionalism guaranteed

Vimar  By-alarm: Qualità

Certified quality

Vimar  By-alarm: Configurazione

Easy configuration via PC and keypad

Vimar  By-alarm: Coordinamento

Aesthetic coordination

Vimar  By-alarm: Espandibilità

Expandability at all times

Vimar  By-alarm: Integrazione

Integration with the home automation system

Vimar  By-alarm: Supervisione

Remote management

Easy and quick intuitive configuration, either using the special By-alarm Manager software or directly via the digital keypad.

In fact, it can manage up to 64 zones, is particularly easy to install in stand alone mode with a wired connection and can be controlled remotely, both via GSM using a smartphone with the free By-phone App and via IP using a secure web server with the By-web App.

The stand alone solution can be expanded and extended to other areas of the building depending on installation requirements, not only using a Bus RS485 cable but also wirelessly, by means of an innovative and highly reliable protocol offering low consumption and thus greater battery life, plus immunity from disturbances and interference. This solution makes it possible to control a series of specially implemented alarm devices, protecting other zones in the building without having to carry out building work. A simple but high-performance solution to suit all requirements, able to effectively identify and signal any breaking and entering or undesirable presence.

The new intrusion detection alarm system can also be quickly and easily connected to a CCTV system. Just use a RS485 Bus cable to connect the expansion modules and then, using a wired connection, the specially implemented DVR/NVRs managing video cameras of any technology (IP, AHD and analogue, HD-SDI).

Vimar sistema antintrusione By-alarm: la sicurezza si espande

By-alarm can be fully integrated with the By-me home automation system through the installation of an IP interface which guarantees a secure and protected connection, both locally and remotely via an internet connection.

This gives life to a complete system, the functions of which can be controlled locally - using the touchscreen and the home automation commands and scenarios - or remotely, using the free By-web APP on a smartphone or tablet.

Perfect functional integration also allows the management of By-me home automation devices using the By-alarm sensors and contacts which, when the intrusion detection alarm system is disabled, can control light activation or heating/air conditioning system deactivation.

Vimar By-alarm / domotica By-me

All the By-alarm system devices, such as sensors, internal sirens and connectors, have been designed to offer the very maximum in terms of aesthetics and functionality, ensuring a stylistic approach that strikes the perfect balance between consistency and attention to detail. Plus, all flush mounted devices are available for residential series Eikon, Arké, Idea (using mounting frame 16723) and Plana. Numerous combinations in terms of designs, materials and colours.

Vimar By-alarm estetica e funzionalità
Vimar Eikon, Arkè, Plana, Idea

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