New Elvox video door entry system with IP technology

Vimar Videocitofonia Elvox Tab 7S touch con tecnologia IP


Designed to respond specifically to precise needs, Elvox video door entry systems with new IP technology support scalable solutions with a wide range of products offering advanced functions - including management of video door entry phone calls from smartphones and tablets - and making everyday life easier and safer.

Intelligent and advanced, IP technology takes video door entry systems beyond their traditional limits: increased performance - whatever the building size - with contemporary, multiple audio/video communication between indoor stations and entrance panels with guaranteed, protected signal quality and a potentially infinite number of users. Expansion is as easy and simple as initial installation, also using existing LAN networks, without having to lay dedicated cabling. For efficient, high-performance communication

Scalable and versatile the IP video door entry system responds easily to the needs of any type of building: from single homes to large residential complexes, it can be incorporated into other existing IP systems, expanding the potential applications. For example, with the Elvox IP CCTV system or third party SIP devices. Moreover, if the system is connected to the internet (for example via a VPN connection), the system parameters can be accessed remotely for maintenance, management and diagnostics.

Supporting professional demands, installation is simple and intuitive: self-configuring for kits, or configurable using the Video Door IP Manager software from a PC for all installations, from the smallest to the most complex. And to guarantee total reliability, the system data is replicated on different devices to ensure constant system operation: in the event of a malfunction, the system can be reset in just one minute.

Vimar Videocitofonia Elvox software Video Door IP Manager su PC installazione semplice e intuitiva

Moreover, with the Video-Door app, not only can normal video door entry system functions be managed from a smartphone or tablet, but you can even make intercom calls, switch on the irrigation system, send and receive text messages or view the video surveillance cameras, wherever you are.

Vimar Videocitofonia Elvox App Video Door
Vimar Videocitofonia Elvox Scalabilità e grande versatilità

Scalability and great versatility

Vimar Videocitofonia Elvox Funzione Controllo da Remoto

Costant and safe remote control

Vimar Videocitofonia Elvox Facile Interfacciamento con sistemi esistenti

Interfacing with existing systems

Vimar Videocitofonia Elvox Installazione Semplice

Simple and intuitive installation

Vimar Videocitofonia Elvox Icona Affidabilità

Total reliability

Vimar Videocitofonia Elvox Videocitofonia Ip Copertura

Full coverage


Elvox video door entry systems with IP technology offer a wide range of products, from entrance panels to indoor stations. All developed with the usual attention to design, which has always been the distinguishing quality of all the Vimar production ranges, the products with IP technology cover all functional and installation needs offering high performance levels that satisfy the needs of any building.

The new Tab 7 hands-free video entryphone with 7” LCD colour display, available in two versions - Tab 7 and Tab 7S with built-in Wi-Fi, marked by an essential, elegant design that makes them ideal for blending with any living style.

Attractive and versatile, the Pixel and Pixel Heavy entrance panels have a new electronic audio/video unit which, combined with traditional installation methods can be used to create a range of modular compositions.

Vimar Videocitofonia Elvox -  videocitofono vivavoce Tab7 targa esterna Pixel e Pixel Heavy

The new PC-based reception switchboard ensures reception to the highest professional standards.

Used via a web browser without being installed on the PC, it is the very core of the control functions and can coordinate the communication flows between different units to perfection. It ensures continuous, intelligent and advanced call management, even in large residential complexes.

Vimar videocitofonia Elvox Centralino di portineria su PC

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