New flush mounting box, 4 + 4 modules for hollow walls

Flush mounting boxes for hollow walls are now available in the new form 4 + 4 modules.

With their retracting tabs fitted with "progressive tightening" screws, the box can be fixed easily and safely in four points on both single and double plasterboard walls. Made from ultra-strength technopolymer resistant to temperatures of up to 850° C, this new Vimar product has metal staples on the 4 fixing points to guarantee added resistance for the devices installed inside.

As with the other items in the wide range of boxes, the V71718 is also fitted with multi-diameter knock-outs to accommodate 32, 25 and 20 mm corrugated pipes, fixed to the bottom of the box by a locking system ensuring increased stability for the installation, making the work quicker to complete. The box is also fitted with perforations for the insertion of sheathed and telephone cables.

When combined with the anti-mortar covers and flush mounting 4 + 4 wall covers, this new box can be used in both home automation and sound systems.

Compatible with 4.3” touch screen and video touch screens, colour monitors, 10" IP Video touch screens and diffusers of the sound system, the 4+4 module hollow wall boxes can be installed even prior to fitting the devices, without affecting the aesthetics of the room.

Thanks to the anti-mortar covers, no longer disposable but applied permanently, it is possible to temporarily or permanently close the box and cover it with plaster, making it invisible and maintaining the beauty of the home.

The ultra-thin flush covers, which hook directly onto the anti-mortar cover without the use of screws, will also allow you to immediately identify the position of the box and reopen it easily without the need for invasive works.

Certified IMQ, the new V71718 box is installed using a hollow cutter with a standard diameter of 68 mm. This also demonstrates the versatility of this product, which can be installed in series thanks to the diagram on the bottom.

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