New flush mounting consumer units

The new flush mounting consumer units offer many stylish solutions for any type of masonry or hollow walls, in a comprehensive range of products that meet all your installation requirements.


Simple lines, a smooth profile with rounded corners: the design of these new flush mounting consumer units underlines the special care paid to even the finest detail, so they blend elegantly into the wall. For the whole range, the door comes in both the all white and translucent smoky grey versions, and its modern design makes it the natural complement for the Eikon, Arké and Plana series.


Installed vertically, the new range is ideal for tight spaces, meeting a range of needs. Boxes and consumer units are sold separately, so they can be installed in different phases. In addition to the modular structures with 8, 12, 24 and 36 modules now 54 and 72 modules are available for large systems and home automation systems. The double line of flush mounting boxes can be installed on both masonry and hollow walls. And the many accessories facilitate the flush mounting, wiring and installation of the individual components and entire banks either vertically or horizontally.


The versatility and meticulous attention to detail of these new consumer units can clearly be seen, even on the outside. The door opening through 180° facilitates access to the consumer unit, making installation easier and protecting it from accidental knocks, while the perfect symmetry of the frame and box means you can open the door from the right or left, just by rotating the frame. What's more, removable panels are available for the 24+ modules range, so you don't need to remove the frame and door to access the devices installed; the magnetic block (supplied as standard) or the key-operated lock and the retractable flap which, with the consumer unit installed, provides access to the fasteners without removing the frame, make it much easier to level the framework


And there are many features inside the consumer unit too, ensuring high installation performance. There is more space for the wiring, as the cables can run on the bottom of the box or between the DIN modules and the framework. The extremely strong framework, supplied already assembled with the frame and the door, is assembled and levelled easily, as the framework can be coupled to the box and adjusted through the slotted opening without removing the frame. The module DIN rails can be adjusted to tow depths, to install both standard modules and deeper devices. There is twice as much space for terminal blocks that can be fixed on special mounting frames to either the top or bottom wall. And vertical and horizontal installation in banks is made easier, thanks to the flange and a dedicated joint which ensure tightness and stability.


The range is completed with a double range of boxes with great structural strength, used for both masonry and hollow walls, offering much more space for wiring with a range of high performance features that make the installer's job much easier on site. The large knockout holes offer a range of entry points for corrugated conduits, both on the walls and on the bottom of the box. The boxes can also be installed on walls by exploiting the different depths: 8 cm for those up to 36 modules, 10 cm for those with more. The top and bottom walls can be removed completely for partial or total knockout and to feed the corrugated conduits through. The boxes for masonry walls are supplied as standard with an antimortar cover and are equipped both with side flanges - for greater stability on the wall once the construction work is finished - and with grid knockouts on the top and bottom walls that can be opened entirely or partially for feeding different quantities of corrugated conduits, without compromising the strength and tightness of the box. The boxes for hollow walls feature, as standard, a template for drilling the wall and come with progressive tightening screws to better anchor the box in the wall. To compensate for any imperfections in the hole in the plasterboard, additional lugs are also supplied; hooked to the wall, they ensure perfect stability in front installations. Lastly, the many knockout holes of various sizes in the top and bottom walls can be opened without tools, without compromising the strength and tightness of the box. These provide strong support for feeding corrugated conduits of 25, 32 or 40 mm diameter.


Download Size Date
Boxes and consumer units depliant EN 4.778 kB 12/01/2015

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