New Netsafe range

To cope with the increasing demand for fast and safe connectivity, Vimar has broadened its Netsafe range, the structured cabling system for copper and fiber optic networks.

The range already includes a large number of certified-quality products, designed and developed to create stable connections over time and which can be modified according to the need for increased performance or installation dimensions, and now includes: the new RJ45 tilted adaptors - which match the Eikon, Arké and Plana series - with Keystone fittings for tilted fixing of RJ45 connectors with Keystone standard; a new range of installation components in category 6A UTP, including RJ45 sockets and connectors, patch panels and cables; new RJ45 flexes, 0.5 m long; a new range of articles for fibre optic cabling, with sockets matching Eikon, Arké and Plana series as well as connectors, compasses, cables, flexes and pigtails.

With Netsafe, data transmission has never been so safe.

Vimar Netsafe_03009_15
Vimar Netsafe_03022_05
Vimar Netsafe_03114
Vimar Netsafe_20351_LC

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