New Pixel modular entrance panel

Here comes Pixel, the new Elvox modular entrance panel with a slim, modern design. Elegant, in a range of colours, and versatile, being highly modular.

With its minimal lines and rounded corners - in harmony with every style, offering innovative solutions for any living context - the new Pixel entrance panel comes in four colour finishes in the standard version – grey, slate gray, anodized grey and white - and one finish – sable grey - in the Heavy version. The latter, with a die  cast aluminium frame and zamak front panel, not only guarantees the protection rating IP54 of the standard version but is also knock resistant, with protection rating IK10.

Protruding just 14 mm from the wall and 100 mm wide, Pixel is the ideal solution for elegant installations even in confined spaces.

Elegant lines with an innovative technological heart. A heart that comes through loud and clear in the audio or audio/video module and the 3.5" colour LCD display  which, with an 80° horizontal viewing angle, ensures excellent reading even in backlit conditions. All with advanced functions, thanks to the versatility of which Pixel can be composed as you like, responding to actual installation needs.

With incorporated hard of hearing function, for fitting up to four buttons in double file, the audio/video module is a turnkey product for installations in small residential settings. It is the heart of the entrance panel, and can be expanded as you wish by adding expansion modules or a display module, to suit your installation requirements. It also has a wide angle lens camera with 525 TVL recording resolution.  A lighting LED that self-adjusts according to external brightness makes the person at the door clearly visible, without glare for them or you.

With Pixel installation versatility is guaranteed, thanks to the expansion modules that are available in different versions: with alphanumeric keyboard, different types of rocker and axial buttons, biometric sensor or transponder. Pixel becomes a dynamic solution, as it is able to create any composition you require.

And the results are always excellent. The new Elvox entrance panel can be used to create different combinations according to need. Starting from one, two or three vertical modules, you can create up to three rows horizontally, in a composition of nine modules.

And starting from a single audio/video module, you can expand your entrance panel up to a maximum of 84 buttons, satisfying even the greatest installation needs. With three different types of buttons – double axial, single axial or single rocker - to guarantee a wide range of call solutions.

Designed to ensure quick, functional installation, Pixel can be maintained from the front, without having to remove the panel. Special hinges support the modules even when they are open, so you can work with your hands free.

And once the panel is installed - quickly and easily thanks to the special stainless steel screws locked into the front panels – the 180° front opening offers quick access to the electronic units and name cards, for ordinary maintenance, without having to remove the whole panel.

A Mini-USB plug on the front is used to connect a pc for configuration via the Save-Prog software.

With Pixel everything is managed perfectly, right down to the finest detail. For example, the boxes have reinforced side walls to prevent them from bending during installation, and every frame is supplied as standard with two 30 mm long stainless steel screws, guaranteeing fast screwing, strength and a firm hold even at greater depths.

Developed on Due Fili Plus technology, the new Pixel modular entrance panel is able to manage up to 6400 internal units and is also compatible with the 1200, 1300 and 8000 series flush-mounted boxes. To offer technologically advanced design solutions even in the simplest restructuring projects, without any additional masonry work.

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