New range of Automation systems

The new automation systems from Elvox are the culmination of a lengthy and complex research process aimed mainly at offering high performance, precision and reliability.

The current range actually boasts several advantages. Firstly, it is made in Italy: an element of added value, synonymous with quality and recognised throughout the world. The new Elvox automation systems also adhere to all European safety standards, providing further evidence of their reliability and safety. This is supported by the application of materials guaranteeing high performance and durability levels, a design which enhances the visual aspect of the product and reliable precision mechanics. For truly perfect access control.

As proof of the quality and reliability of the new products, Elvox automation systems come with a 36-month warranty covering all components.

It is a structured range, with each product type designed to satisfy precise requirements in specific application contexts. Automation systems for sliding and swing gates with various types of opening mechanism, for garage doors, road barriers and doors and windows. Available as a kit or as individual components, they are extremely easy to install.

Acto sliding

Gear motors complete with built-in electronic control unit, powerful yet compact. Supplied with the accessories needed to implement functional and safe installations on residential or large-scale sliding gates.
For sliding gates from 400 to 2200 kg. 12 V d.c., 24 V d.c. and 230 V a.c motors. Weather-resistant painted cover. Die-cast aluminium base. Encoder system for obstacle detection. Steel gears lubricated with permanent grease. Emergency battery in 12 V and 24 V versions. Manual release always easily accessible.

  • Ekko and Ekko Art swing

12, 24 and 230 V motors. Weather-resistant painted die-cast aluminium body. Encoder system for obstacle detection. Steel gears lubricated with permanent grease. Adjustable brackets for easy actuator installation; useful when implementing different gate leaf opening widths. Emergency battery in 12 V and 24 V versions. Practical and accessible manual release in the event of a powercut.


Wide range of actuators for different motor transmission systems and aesthetic solutions, for use with gate leaves up to 3.5 m. Solutions suitable for residential use in addition to more intensive and industrial applications.

A product that is easy to install and suitable for the automation of gates with large pillars and columns, or where the installation measurements do not allow the use of linear actuators.

  • Hiddy swing
    The most stylish solution, ideal for anyone who prioritises design and wants to maintain the original appearance of the gate leaves without compromising on power and performance.

24 V and 230 V underground motors for gate leaves up to 3.5 m. Weather-resistant painted die-cast aluminium body. Sturdy and perfectly watertight die-cast aluminium body. Encoder system for obstacle detection. Steel gears lubricated with permanent grease. Emergency battery in 24 V version. Easy and functional manual release.

  • Klys up-and-over and sectional doors
    Tailored solutions for all types of garage door. Every one helps to increase comfort and safety when coming in from outdoors.
    Motors with LED lighting. Step-by-step command button. Motion reversal impact sensors. Silent and innovative mechanisms. Simple programming of the electronic card with automatic learning. Door speed adjustment. 24 V emergency battery.
    For doors up to 9 m2, quick and easy to install. Guarantee silent, fluid and safe movement without ripping.
    Equipped with a low voltage motor, with a release system and courtesy light.
  • Fragma barriers

Barriers constructed for heavy and continuous use, in both 12 V and 230 V versions for arms up to 3 m  and 6 m long respectively. Various solutions with 12 and 230 V motors. Weather-resistant painted die-cast sheet steel body. Bronze and steel mechanisms to guarantee long-term operation. Motor controlled with encoder system, for safe movement. Can be used in conjunction with arms of various lengths. Deceleration and stop limit adjustment.

  • Automation systems for doors and windows

For the automation of rolling shutters, rolling sun blinds and windows through the simple addition of a tubular motor. Control takes place via a switch located in the immediate vicinity. Installation is extremely simple and even existing mechanisms can be automated in just a moment. Motor power supply 230 V. Mechanical screw stop limit. Available with or without manual release handle. Motor thermal protection.

Featuring sturdy, precise and silent mechanics - encased in die-cast aluminium with polyester painted plastic parts to guarantee solidity and resistance to all weathers – the new automation systems use technologies which guarantee not only safety, but also excellent operating performance levels. 24 V technology, for example, can support frequent passages with a high number of operating cycles and guarantees ultra-precise obstacle detection, control and movement, allowing the creation of installations in compliance with European standards EN 12445 and EN 12453.

A series of complementary products guarantees even safer and more complete control of the various functions without compromising on appearance. Remote controls, flashing lights, keypads, selectors and photocells: a complete range of accessories developed with cutting-edge technology, featuring a compact and stylish design which integrates perfectly into all systems and environments.

Elvox designs and produces goods in Italy, in accordance with the most stringent standards relating to quality and operation: a unique blend in which an original and modern design is always combined with materials specifically selected for their long-term performance and durability.

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