New socket outlets for the Brazilian market

For more than 60 years Vimar has always paid special attention to problems associated with safety in using electrical equipment.


Faithful to this philosophy, Vimar's offer for the Brazilian market focuses on total safety without compromise.


The new Vimar socket outlets for the Brazilian market - available for all of the series and for all current capacities - are all equipped with the integrated "Sicury " shutter that guarantees maximum safety for the user, going well beyond the standards required by current Brazilian regulations.


The Sicury shutter prevents accidental contacts with electric current thanks to a mechanism that automatically closes the three holes of the outlet when the plug is pulled out, preventing any type of pointed object from being inserted.

This mechanism was above all designed to protect children from their innate curiosity and to make the lives of parents a bit more peaceful.


A guarantee of safety that Vimar patented forty years ago - and later transferred free of charge to all manufacturers as it was believed to be an advantage for the public - that still today is at the heart of all Vimar products.


Vimar socket outlets, both 10- and 20-ampere, are available for the Eikon series -in grey, white and Next versions - for the Neve series and for the Plana series - in white and Silver versions - and stand out owing to their refined design and high aesthetic quality, offering the possibility of being harmoniously included in any interior setting.


All Brazilian standard Vimar socket outlets bear the INMETRO market as they comply with the quality and safety requirements of the ABNT NBR NM 60884-1 standard and with the dimensional sheets of the ABNT NBR 14136 standard.


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