New video door entries

The By-me home automation system keeps growing and goes outdoor with new video door entries conceived for high level houses.

Easy to install and user-friendly, Vimar entrance plates are good looking: a simple and rigorous design matches with two different finishes so as to satisfy any requirement.

The new entrance plates offer up to four name-plates: that’s the ideal solution for single and duplex houses.

Equipped with Elvox technology, they are easy to install and program. Audio, video and supply are Due Fili: the simplest way to obtain a versatile video entry installation giving the possibility of house video control and intercom. The entrance plates have built-in color videocamera  and are available in two brushed finishes:

  • The brightness of inox
  • The warm and refined shade of bronze
by me copertina
by me prodotto 1
by me prodotto 2

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