New ZigBee certified radio-frequency control

Vimar Eikon

The new two-rocker button control with 2.4 GHz standard 802.15.4 radio-frequency transmitter is the ideal solution for ensuring practicality, freedom of installation and versatility: this device can be positioned almost anywhere, even on glass or wood surfaces. Any without the need for masonry works, as it doesn’t need a flush mounting box.

The technology is so simple and intuitive that it “installs itself”, without any wiring, and is active as soon as it is installed: the signal is transmitted via radio, travelling on the electrical installation via the actuator, without the need for any wired connections.

An ideal solution for renovations, redevelopments and furnishing updates, or any installations which have regulatory or architectural constraints.

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The new radio-frequency command is also ZigBee certified and is therefore compatible with systems using the ZigBee Green Power standard, a new lighting control protocol that is spreading rapidly, with the adoption of increasingly green solutions.

The device is in fact powered by exploiting the energy generated by pressing the buttons, so requires no batteries, which would otherwise have to be replaced and disposed of.

The device is compatible with other products marked with the indication “Works with EasyAir” because it can be used with EasyAir Philips radio sensors (incorporated in many professional appliances available on the market), for example for applications in which a lamp or group of lamps have to react in the event of movement or change of brightness.

Finally, with the possibility to coordinate the device with the elegant and sophisticated designs of Eikon, the modern design of Arké or the essential and rigorous designs of Plana, the new radio-frequency command blends perfectly with any kind of home decor style.

The other features of this device are, finally, minimum stand-out, thus designed to blend style with full installation flexibility.

Vimar  Nuovo comando in radiofrequenza certificato ZigBee
Vimar radiofrequenza plana i7
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