NFC/RFID electronic reader

The new Vimar NFC/RFID electronic transponder card reader for installation in hotel rooms was developed in partnership with companies specialising in door access control systems. The device recognises the presence of guests or staff in the room depending on the transponder access card used to enter the room, thus controlling the two relay outputs connected to the room’s electrical system in different ways. The new Vimar card reader allows the card holder to activate the utilities and set scenarios for that room, and in the case of hotel rooms, allows reception to monitor the presence in the room of clients or staff, uniquely identifying the inserted card.

This device perfectly matches the design of the Vimar series. From Eikon, which with its four different styles - Tactil, Evo, Chrome and Total Look - is the perfect system for blending in with the most sophisticated styles, to Arké, the starring element of younger and more contemporary living styles. And Plana, ideal for minimalist settings seeking a simple, fresh design.

Finally, the Vimar transponder card reader can be fitted in Well-contact Plus, the Vimar system for complete building management, used to constantly and effectively monitor accesses in any kind of hotel facility. This unique automation system, developed on KNX technology, can also be used to manage lighting, temperature, safety and energy via computer, ensuring comfort and functionality in every single room.



Vimar Lettore elettronico NFC/RFID - Eikon Evo nera + 20468 - Tasca NFC/RFID compatibile AGB grigio
Vimar Lettore elettronico NFC/RFID - Eikon Evo bianca + 20468.B - Tasca NFC/RFID compatibile AGB bianco
Vimar Lettore elettronico NFC/RFID - Arké Reflex oltremare + 19468.B - Tasca NFC/RFID compatibile AGB bianco

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