New logistics and production hub

The new finished product warehouse has been operational since 7 January in Viale della Ceramica, Marostica. Built in just over a year, the new warehouse is fully automated with cutting-edge logistics technology and can handle up to 120,000 crates (thanks to a mini load and 1,460 metres of roller conveyors). This was the first step in the construction of a larger Logistics and Production Hub.

An ambitious project covering a total area of 70,000 square metres: a usable area of 46,000 sq. m., a 22,000-square metre covered warehouse, a 3,300-square metre public car park and more than 7,000 sq. m. of green areas, partially open to the public, with a children’s playground.

The new Logistics and Production Hub, which will be completed during 2019 with the construction of a management office building and of a large production area, has been designed in compliance with the latest environmental sustainability standards. The elegant, minimalist style of the various buildings fits perfectly into the surroundings, also thanks to the presence of vertical gardens and a green roof: a green solution that also ensures high thermal insulation.




The entire complex is almost completely supplied with energy from renewable sources. A photovoltaic system (consisting of 2,442 high-efficiency modules installed on the roof and of 14 generators) generates an annual output of 800,000 kWh – equivalent to the consumption of more than 200 households of four people – which is entirely dedicated to production. To provide climate control in work areas in winter and summer, a geothermal system was installed, combined with 48,000 square metres of radiant floor heating, which ensures 40% primary energy savings.

This is all managed by a platform based on Smart Metering, which, through a sophisticated system of sensors, allows energy data to be acquired, analysed and managed in real time, thus optimising the use of these systems and reducing consumption by 10%.

To make the most of natural light, the perimeter walls have large vertical windows and the ceiling features numerous skylights. In addition, low-emission glass is used to reduce heat loss to the outside as much as possible. The lighting solutions, which use only LED technology, have also been chosen according to state-of-the-art standards, combining performance requirements, energy saving and environmental comfort.

A special focus is also placed on sustainable mobility. In fact, the parking area is equipped with charging stations for the electric cars that make up the Vimar car fleet.

At Vimar, energy has a green heart.

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