Ospedale Versilia Viareggio

Ospedale Versilia

Planning public health facilities today requires design skills and organisational nous. The Local Public Health Clinic 12 of Tuscany, which already had a dated hospital in Viareggio, had the problem of providing for 170,000 inhabitants distributed in the municipalities of Viareggio, Pietrasanta, Camaiore and Servezza. It thus chose a large outer urban area with good road access and surrounded by a natural Mediterranean pine forest for a project with low environmental impact.

The new Versilia Hospital extends horizontally and has a height of less than 18 meters: the complex is therefore perfectly immersed in its surroundings, to the point of being barely visible even from a few dozen meters, and in any case well camouflaged in the surrounding vegetation.

The facilty covers an area of ​​9,700 square meters with over 600 beds and a rational arrangement of all the necessary and various other complementary services which combine to render the hospital self-sufficient and very pleasant for patients staying there and for those who work there.

A composite management system of the facility includes several systems which provide all the necessary functions to the medical staff and patients. Amongst these, Vimar is present with its Idea series devices, chosen with white buttons and controls, and die cast metal plaques in a Titanium colour.

In the basement of the structure is the administration and control room, with a row of PCs and other devices for monitoring the operation of different equipment.

In the patient rooms – all with two beds and with private facilities – the headboards neatly accommodate the various Vimar devices: ON-OFF controls for the general lighting, the night lights and reading lights, three electricity sockets, two of which are the Universal Security type.

The larger bathrooms have general and localised lighting control devices, to provide comfort in full compliance with the regulations and with coordinated aesthetics.


Client: Local Public Health Clinic 12 (Viareggio)
System design and installation: CEIF Soc. Coop. to a.r.l. (Forlì)
Series: idea

Sanita ospedale versilia viareggio idea placche
Sanita ospedale versilia viareggio idea prese
Sanita ospedale versilia viareggio idea interno
Sanita ospedale versilia viareggio idea bagno
Sanita ospedale versilia viareggio idea letti

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