Outdoor station video entryphone

Communicating is easy, effective and safe

The outdoor stations vary in dimensions and types of installation, but they have one thing in common: elegance and sophisticated design in keeping with the most demanding architectural requirements. Surface mounting or flush mounting outdoor stations, monobloc or modular, and they differ in their modern design and the availability for any type of installation.

Videocitofonia Posto Esterno Roxie


Robust, versatile and sophisticated

It is the ideal choice for installation in small and medium-sized home environments, with the possibility of calling 1, 2 and 4 homes such as one- and two-family homes and four-family compounds or, thanks to the access control function, it can be installed in small accommodation facilities.

The entrance panel is made with high-quality material, in metallic grey zamak, which lends it a modern styling and an exceptional robust design, IK08 shock resistance and IP54 protection degree weather resistance.

This entrance panel is built to stand the test of time without compromising performance.

Targa Roxie e controllo accessi


Attractive and versatile, with a slim, modern design

Just 10 cm wide, it can easily be installed in tight spaces without compromising either the design or the quality of the technology.
Available in the audio/video version or audio only, Pixel panels stand out for their extensive modularity designed for entirely customised installation options, combining various types of push buttons and a 3.5” colour LCD display.

videocitofono esterno serie Pixel Vimar

Pixel Heavy

When strength meets design

Featuring the same minimal silhouettes and rounded corners as the entire Pixel series, Heavy stands out for its admirable robustness.
Available in the special sable grey finish, with die-cast aluminium frame, Zamak front modules and protection degrees of IK10 and IP54, it is even more weather and impact-resistant.

videocitofono esterno serie Pixel Heavy Vimar

Pixel Up

Slim and strong

Pixel Up is the entrance panel with front plate made of 316 stainless steel with brushed finish, with thin thickness and a linear design. It is available in the version with alphanumeric keyboard, with stainless steel buttons and colour display with polycarbonate protective glass, with IP54 degree of protection and IK08 impact resistance. High-definition video camera with wide-angle lens, protruding only 3 mm from the wall.

For flush mounting, the entrance panel is supplied with a stainless steel box, to which the cover plate is fixed using special anti-tamper screws.

videocitofono esterno serie Pixel Up Vimar
videocitofono esterno serie Patavium Vimar


Smooth curves, beauty and elegance

The design of Patavium makes it the ideal solution for sophisticated settings since it adapts to any type or architecture, specifically historical buildings. In brass with an elegant satin-finish, Patavium is also available in the glossy version upon request, to enhance the value of a space, lending it its highly personal expressive form.
The camera is fitted with manual vertical and horizontal tilt functions, producing impeccable video footage, while the area to film is lit with a white LED light.

videocitofono esterno serie Steely Vimar


Steely boasts a trendy, linear and simple design

It is the perfect solution in innovative settings which meet a range of stylistic requirements, types of construction and functional needs. Made of satin-finish 316L stainless steel, a simple and strong material which distinguishes the DNA of the push button panel and completes its modern, high-tech and contemporary style.
Full duplex communication produces perfect sound quality. The internal and external volume and the sound balance can be adjusted to obtain an optimum conversation volume.

videocitofono esterno


One material and two finishes, for every style

The panels in the 1200 series are made of 8/10 thick AISI 316 stainless steel and are available in stainless steel colours with an embossed surface or painted satin-finish sable grey.
1300 series
Modern and hard-wearing. Soft, modern design with scratch-resistant finish. The 1300 series, fitted with LED backlighting to make it easy to read even at night, is made of anodised and electro-polished aluminium for both flush and surface mounting.