Private home, province of Belluno

Vimar By-me, domotica da vivere, Eikon Evo - Villa Belluno 1

By-me, home automation for living well

“House 126” is located on the top of a hill, in a magical landscape at the foot of the Nature Reserve of the Dolomites in the Belluno area. The proud keeper of a fantastic panoramic view out over the surrounding countryside, it was designed by architect Marco Casagrande.

This home is fruit of the will to create a “nest”, designed to thrill, move and promote the wellness of a family of four.

As its architect, Marco Casagrande, explains, the guideline for the project was to create an organic architecture along the lines of the style of Ludwig Mies, where the relationship between man, nature, the interior and exterior is presented in the form of a synergy between full and empty volumes, defining compositional designs that are simple yet capable of enabling the building and its users to interact with Nature’s cycles.

Vimar Smart House: By-me domotica da vivere - Residenza privata Belluno - zona living

The objective of the design layout is therefore to generate neutral contemplative spaces also presented through the structural integrity of its forms. These take on an aesthetic meaning designed to breathe life into an architecture to be discovered, a design that is sure to generate emotions, in which no space or volume is left to chance but instead everything is planned to suit man’s requirements. In short, a universal architecture.

From an energy management viewpoint, it is worth underlining that the building has achieved the top performance level for homes in Energy Class A4 and that all its systems - electrical and plumbing - are integrated and managed by the By-me home automation system, which masterfully fulfils all the requirements of contemporary living.

In this splendid home, thanks to its sophisticated yet ultra user-friendly technology, the Vimar home automation system is capable of allowing many functions to interact with one another - energy efficiency, security, comfort and control - all integrated in a single technology.

Vimar Home automation: By-me domotica da vivere, Eikon Evo - Villetta Belluno

Indeed, By-me enables the coordinated management of all the systems in the home, allowing the user to control them both locally, using the home automation controls present in the various environments, and centrally, by way of elegant touch screens. In this case, two Multimedia touch screen videos have been installed. By simply touching the screens, users can configure or pre-set different combinations of temperature, lighting and comfort for every room in the house in a matter of seconds. True technological jewels, these two devices also serve as a video door entry system, providing a perfect image of everything that goes on inside and outside the building.

A pioneer of home automation, Mr Casagrande has been incorporating the concept in his designs for more than 15 years, and his decision to install Vimar products was no coincidence. Indeed, he maintains that, compared with its competitors, Vimar has made some enormous progress, both in terms of aesthetics and technology. And the company has certainly always been quick to provide its support whenever needed throughout the project.

Vimar Domotica per la casa: Multimedia Video Touch Screen 10", domotica By-me. Residenza privata Belluno

Finally, speaking of aesthetics, the choice of the Eikon Evo series in the total white version means that its socket outlets, controls and the panels that frame them are perfectly integrated, becoming one with the architectural context that characterises the interiors

The result is therefore a winning partnership that has borne many fruits in this architectural design with its magnificent outcome.


Electric system design: SURVEYOR’S OFFICE – P.I. BARP ROMANO


Vimar Home automation: By-me domotica da vivere - Residenza privata Belluno - zona living
Vimar Smart House: By-me domotica da vivere - Residenza privata Belluno - scultura esterna
Vimar sistemi domotci: By-me, Eikon Evo, Multimedia video touch 10" - Residenza privata Belluno - esterno giardino
Vimar Home automation: By-me Domotica da vivere - Villetta Belluno - salotto
Vimar Smart home: Multimedia video touch 10", Eikon Evo, By-me - Residenza privata Belluno - Camera
Vimar Domotica per la casa: Cronotermostato, Eikon Evo, By-me - Residenza privata Belluno
Vimar smart home. Casa domotica, IOT, Residenza privata Belluno
Vimar Domotica per la casa: sistema domotico By-me, Eikon Evo - Residenza privata Belluno cucina
Vimar Home automation: Eikon Evo total withe, By-me Domotica da vivere - Villetta Belluno - scultura ingresso
Casa domotica Vimar: multimedia video touch 10", Eikon Evo, By-me. Villa Belluno

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