Private residence, Marche region


By-me: when technology blends with design.

Nestling in the splendid hills of the Marche region, with a beautiful panoramic view of the Adriatic coast, lies a residence that exploits the most advanced technology so that the owners can experience their living interiors in the best possible way.

Managing comfort, energy, temperature control and lighting, video door entry system, video surveillance, blind and shutter movements: all these functions can be synergically controlled, thanks to the By-me home automation system.

Vimar home automation was chosen precisely because it offers the best possible solution for coordinating all these different functions, managing them simply and effectively from a single point, an elegant Multimedia video touch screen, installed in the living area.

A centralised control panel used, for example, to supervise all the lighting devices in the various rooms, so that they don't need to be switched on or off one by one, room by room. And there's more. This device can be used to control the temperature in each room, providing detailed information on electrical, water and gas usage. And quantifying the consumptions. This can be done on a hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis, by type of measurement (kilowatt/hour, Euro, carbon dioxide emissions saved), allowing the users to precisely define the energy profile of the home and change their habits if and when these prove to be wasteful.

Vimar technology is not only attentive to consumption and comfort, but also to safety, both inside and outside the home.

The Multimedia video touch screen also acts as an indoor video entry station, communicating with a Pixel outdoor video entrance panel which provides a high-definition image of the person at the door. In the same way, connected to the Elvox CCTV video cameras - installed both inside and outside the home - it offers a live, 360-degree view of all the spaces. Integrated with the By-alarm burglar alarm system, By-me also ensures full protection from potential intrusions.

This protection is assured both when the owners are at home and when they are away. It is possible thanks to the Vimar web server, a device that can be used to control the whole home automation and burglar alarm system even remotely, from a smartphone or tablet, using the user-friendly By-web app that allows you to remain connected with your home at all times.

And while this residence is on the cutting edge of technology, it is also on the cutting edge of design. As architect Aldo Gialleonardo explains, one of the design guidelines was to create an architecture in which the relationship between the interior and exterior settings was one of continuous exchange, also due to the synergy between solids and voids geared to define the simple construction lines that make living here a pleasure.

And to give the rooms a further touch of class, three different ranges were chosen from the wide selection of Vimar series: the sophisticated Eikon Tactil range, with its crystal surface used to control the various functions in the living area at a simple touch; the elegant Eikon Evo range in natural stone with split slate finish, which perfectly matches the wall covering on the central staircase; the contemporary Arké Classic range, in the metal version with Polar total look finish, for the bedrooms and basement rooms.

The result? A splendidly successful mix of design and technology.


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