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Vimar and Rubner Haus: a successful partnership

Vimar and Rubner Haus, two companies that stand for excellence, are both driven by the ability to combine several decades of experience in their field with a constant focus on innovation, continuously investing in research and development and, consequently, leveraging on cutting-edge technologies.

As a result of this partnership, housing solutions were developed - from the external envelope to internal spaces, including the electrical and home automation systems - to satisfy modern living requirements, combining comfort, technology and environmental sustainability.

An example of this cooperation - and of its outstanding results - can be found in the Casentino valley, in the province of Arezzo. This is where we can find one of the latest creations by Rubner Haus, in a beautiful location with panoramic views, equipped with Vimar technology to allow the homeowners to enjoy the interiors as much as possible.

As Architect Fortunato Fognani, who designed the project, pointed out, the concept on which this residence is based is consistent with bio-architecture principles, thanks to an extensive use of eco-friendly materials and renewable energy solutions. In fact, state-of-the-art construction techniques were used to achieve the maximum possible energy savings, including, among other things, the use of geothermal and photovoltaic energy.

The civil series was also chosen in accordance with the eco-compatibility principles underlying the project. It then seemed logical to install the Arké series, which is the result of highly advanced and environmentally friendly plate processing methods. A good example in this respect is its colouring process, based on UV cross-linking technology, which uses considerably less solvents and produces plates with a high degree of wear resistance.

Thus, both in the common spaces - where the contrast between the dark parquet flooring and the soft hues of the furniture prevails - and inside the rooms, Arké offers perfect lighting control and safe energy systems, with controls and sockets fitted with plates in the Classic version in white technopolymer. The rational shape, linear profile and clean corners of this series are divested of all superfluous decoration, defining a new energy model and blending in seamlessly with the environment.

With its contemporary look, Arké is perfectly suited to all contexts. Especially here, where the furniture and interior design solutions have been developed to meet contemporary living needs. In fact, the residence features furniture by international brands, chosen for their minimalist style, yet also homely, focusing on the use of innovative materials and pursuing functional solutions and a timeless design. Just like that of Arké.

17_Vimar E Rubner Cucina
22_Vimar E Rubner Bagno
06_Vimar E Rubner Living
11_Vimar E Rubner Sala Da Pranzo
16_Vimar E Rubner Cucina
21_Vimar E Rubner Camera Da Letto
05_Vimar E Rubner Esterno
10_Vimar E Rubner Soggiorno
15_Vimar E Rubner Cucina
20_Vimar E Rubner Cucina
04_Vimar E Rubner Esterno
09_Vimar E Rubner Sala Da Pranzo
14_Vimar E Rubner Scale
19_Vimar E Rubner Cucina
03_Vimar E Rubner Esterno Portico
08_Vimar E Rubner Sala Da Pranzo
13_Vimar E Rubner Idromassaggio
18_Vimar E Rubner Cucina
02_Vimar E Rubner Esterno
23_Vimar E Rubner Ingresso
07_Vimar E Rubner Living
12_Vimar E Rubner Idromassaggio

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