Product App: the multimedia Vimar catalogue on your smartphone

Today, it is even easier to consult the Vimar Catalogue

The Vimar Products App provides real time access to information on every product, synchronised with the official website:

  • Sales data: packaging, descriptions, product status. 
  • Technical data: instructions, manuals, video tutorials, images, gallery, drawings, firmware and software.          
  • Portfolio with product list and relative XLSX or PDF download.

“Products” is available in 6 languages (Italian, English, Spanish, French, German, Greek).

New features of this version:    
  • Possibility to select Country/language          
  • Search by product packaging barcode scanning                    
  • Voice search for products by code or product name 
  • Sharing of product sheets with whatsapp
  • Portfolio with XLSX or PDF product list
  • Connection to the official website
  • New graphic interface for easier searches and consultation



Scan the bar code

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Search by product Family


Search using voice dictation


Export the bill of materials

Watch the video tutorial for the product app

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