Products and solutions for sustainable living

We put products and solutions on the market which have been designed as tools for a responsible use of resources capable of improving the environmental footprint inside buildings. Multiple devices which contribute to making a system sustainable, and therefore the building in which they are installed, so much so that products for home automation systems and the smart home are covered by tax credits.

Vimar progetto residenziale touch screen parete

Optimised energy balance

Programmable automations allow the efficiency of buildings to be increased, reducing consumption levels and optimising the electrical “production/consumption/introduction into the mains” balance of buildings.

Controllo dei consumi Vimar | Ottimizzazione del bilancio energetico

Smart solutions

The home automation system supervisors (touch and App) and thermostats inform users about the consumption levels, stimulating “virtuous behaviour”, so much so that the products for home automation systems and the smart home are recognised as being energy efficiency facilitators and are thus eligible for tax credits.

Vimar Eikon tactil touch

Built to last

Our products are designed to stand the test of time, featuring performance levels and technologies borrowed from the world of consumer electronics, but they are specifically designed to be part of the electrical infrastructure of buildings, in a durable and robust way.

Vimar Arké generazioni a confronto

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