Regent Porto Montenegro Village, Montenegro


This spectacular resort - located in Boka Bay, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, in a luxury tourist port in the city of Tivat - includes a mix of rooms and private suites with interiors designed by the firm Tino Zervudachi from Paris.

The building with a terracotta roof, inspired by the many Italian style buildings around Boka Bay, pays homage to its 400 years of Venetian rule. A double-height central entrance hall with a full view of the sea looks over a peaceful water garden, while on the ground floor, the café, restaurant and bar-library offer a wide choice of dining and entertainment. Indoor and outdoor pools, and the exclusive Regent Spa and Fitness Centre, all make this an ideal place to stay even during the quieter winter months.

Allowing guests to control and use the energy in the rooms and suites in the best way, the choice was made to install controls and sockets from the Vimar Eikon and Arké series.

The first has a rigorous yet not harsh design, is large in size and protrudes only slightly from the wall. Eikon shapes are attractive yet discreet, elegance is their distinguishing feature.

Arké on the other hand stands out for its essential design, which means it can blend into any setting, adding an aesthetic value that will last and last. Its elegant yet strong character is expressed through the rigour of its shapes and the many details which make this a unique range in the world of residential series. One example is the characteristic slightly two-dimensional roundness of the inserts, which are pleasant to the touch.


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