Resource management

Sustainability is an integral part of our vision of the future, which is nevertheless built one brick at a time, starting with a careful assessment of the raw materials used and with a conscious management of the resources available to us. That’s why we focus on the ongoing search for raw materials and materials that can contribute to the virtuous circle and implement energy from renewable sources.

Vimar materie prime e risorse

Recycle materials: an infinite cycle

We try to use recycled materials as much as possible to make our components. The metallic Coils components for contacts make up approximately 80% of post-consumer recycled material. For plastic components, we use semi-finished products with a variable percentage of raw materials from internal recycling or semi-finished products with raw materials originating in full or in part from recycling. Moreover, all additives are halogen-free.

Vimar riciclo dei materiali metalli e plastica

Eco-friendly packaging

To facilitate disposal, all our packaging is fully recyclable. Cardboard packs and containers for our products are all made from recycled material, while cardboard boxes used for transport are printed with water-based ink and make exclusive use of eco-sustainable glues. Wherever possible, we use cellulose sourced from certified, responsibly managed and sustainable forests. We are gradually reducing the weight of our packaging and discontinuing the use of mixed packaging to facilitate sorting. We have received a number of acknowledgements for having best integrated eco-sustainability and design.

Vimar imballi ecologici riciclati

Renewable energies

For the supervision and analysis of energy consumption levels in our plants, we have adopted the logic of smart metering. The roof over our main plants in Marostica is fitted with photovoltaic system which guarantees a constant energy production, thereby avoiding the pollutant emissions into the atmosphere. An open-circuit geothermal system has been installed at the new Logistics and production pole, and artificial lighting there is guaranteed by LEDs. Our pool of company cars, which are 100% electric, also embrace the same philosophy focused on sustainability and zero environmental impact.

Vimar impianto fotovoltaico