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It's hard to comprehend the enormous complexity behind the construction of a cruise liner. The shipyards are located near St. Nazaire, in Western France, and they have a storage area for the raw materials and plants for the assembly of five vessels.
MSC Musica is a classic and stylish ship with the highest standards of service. The amount of space set aside for passengers (that is the ship's tonnage divided by the number of passengers) is 36. 80% of the cabins are external and of these 65% have a private balcony. More than 22,000 sq.m. are for the public spaces that mirror the unmistakable style of Studio De Jorio, their designer:  Italian marbles, water effects and colours that capture your attention. The central meeting point of the ship is the Cascade Bar opposite the reception, surrounded by a waterfall that rises up three bridges in the central foyer, where guests can listen to the notes of a piano positioned on a transparent floor above an illuminated swimming pool.
Technical Specifications Length: 293.8 m, Width: 32.3 m, Tonnage: 89.600 tons, Speed: 23 Knots, Passengers: 2550 Crew: 987, Bridges: 13, Lifts: 13.

Once again, Vimar takes the same quality designed for homes and hotels into the refined world of large ships. Indeed, there are fifteen thousand lighting points installed in the brand new MSC Musica.
A highly prestigious contract for Vimar, that with the Plana series offers a classic model in its range, extremely modern now more than ever with its simplicity and impeccable technological solutions. A line of technopolymer cover plates in various colours, reflex (covered by two comoulded layers, one coloured and one transparent), solid wood and metal, which are hugely successful and strengthen Vimar's position on the market. It is a source of great satisfaction for the company that its highly qualified team of designers, architects and technicians has chosen the high technological content, coordinated, stylish and attractive design of the Plana lighting points - with white or matt champagne cover plates - that integrate well in a concept that, on the technical, architectural and decorative plane, best expresses the refined elegance of Italian design and “actively”, without being imitative or allegorical, covers some of the most appealing and significant cultural references of the Twentieth Century: from Art Nouveau to Art Deco, the purer and geometrical Design of the ’30s to High Tech and the more refined Contemporary Design of the third Millennium.
With Plana, Vimar has created added value to the quality of the range offered by MSC that always places its guests at the centre of its attention, even in the design of its ships and in the superior quality of all the furnishing complements.

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