SIP Video door entry system

Solutions on VOIP infrastructure

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is the most popular protocol used in the VOIP telephony business market to allow the creation of communication sessions of both audio or audio-video between one or more participants, offering the opportunity to include telephone calls over the Internet as well (VOIP).

To meet the needs of this market segment, Vimar is offering a range of dedicated video door entry devices, designed to be applied in those contexts where a SIP server is present and compatible with the products made by the world leaders in the field of VOIP telephony.

SIP video entrance panels

Specifically, a new electronic unit for audio-video entrance panel fitted with a wide-angle colour camera, automatic lighting adjustment of the field of view, echo suppression, automatic sound balancing and many other functions.
This device can be combined with the modular Pixel and Pixel Heavy video entrance panels and is already integrated into the Pixel Up single-block entrance panel. These outdoor stations are therefore all now also available in the version that’s compatible with the SIP protocol to enhance, with their elegant and modern design, even the most sophisticated architectural contexts, where superior technological performance levels are required.

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