Studio Medico Renazzo

Medical clinic

When Dr. Cristofoli, a doctor in the province of Bologna, decided that he wanted a system for his new clinic that would allow control of entrances, waiting patients, lights, alarms and windows, in a simple and practical way that did not require special technological skills, perhaps even he didn't expect the final results obtained.

The studio commissioned by Dr. Cristofoli, "il Centro Progetti di Dosso", immediately set about implementing the Vimar By-me home automation system to cover all the specified requirements, and they went even further with a control interface that would allow management of the home automation system through a normal computer. This interface is connected to the computer through the main BUS line and allows integrations with the entire home automation system.
Devices and controls such as lights, windows, alarms, surveillance cameras, dimmers and general on/off switches are represented by icons that change colour according to on/off and open/closed states. Clicking on any icon launches the command on the paired BUS line and activates a device, turns on a light or raises a shutter.

The system allows easy and immediate control, allowing full supervision of the states of individual devices and to change them with a simple click.

At the clinic, the technology is framed and complemented by the charm of the Classic line of the Eikon home series. 3- and 7-module plaques with backlit keys are complete with all the features: multiple sockets, dimmer controllers, emergency lights and timer thermostats in each room.


System design: Centro Progetti di Govoni Maurizio (Dosso, FE)
System installation: Macro di Fabrizio Balboni (Bologna)
Series Eikon

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Sanita studio medico renazzo eikon entrata
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